Gary Numan “Replicas” 2 x LP (green vinyl)



1.You Are In My Vision (Early version) (3:19)
2.The Machmen (Early version) (3:11)
3.Down In The Park (Early version) (4:24)
4.Do You Need The Service? (Early version) (3:40)
5.The Crazies (2:50)
6.When The Machines Rock (Early version) (3:16)
7.Me! I Diconnect From You (Eary version) (3:24)
8.Praying To The Aliens (Early version) (4:02)
9.It Must Have Been Years (Early version) (4:06)
10.Only A Downstat (3:35)
11.Nearly Married A Human 3 (Early version) (6:24)
12.Replicas (Early version) (5:02)
13.Are ‘Friends’ Electric? (Early version) (5:25)
14.We Have A Technical (8:00)
15.Down In The Park (outtake mix) (4:18)
16.Are ‘Friends’ Electric? (Early version 2) (5:27)
17.Replicas (Early version 2) (5:01)
18.Me! I Diconnect From You (BBC Peel Session) (3:07)
19.Down In The Park (BBC Peel Session) (4:18)
20.I Nearly Married A Human (BBC Peel Session) (6:38)
Beggars Banquet 2019