Tangerine Dream / Sylvester Levay “Three O’Clock High” LP



A1. Tangerine Dream “It’s Jerry’s Day Today ” A2. Tangerine Dream “46-32-15”  A3. Tangerine Dream “No Detention” A4. Tangerine Dream “Any School Bully Will Do” A5. Tangerine Dream  “Go To The Head Of The Class”  A6. Sylvester Levay “Sit”  A7. Sylvester Levay “The Fight”  A8. Sylvester Levay “Jerry’s Decisions ”  A9. Sylvester Levay  “The Fight Is On”  A10. Sylvester Levay “Paper”  B1. Tangerine Dream “Big Bright Brass Knuckles”  B2. Tangerine Dream  “Buying Paper Like It’s Going Out Of Style”  B3. Tangerine Dream  “Dangerous Trend”  B4. Tangerine Dream “Who’s Chasing Who?  B5. Tangerine Dream “Bonding By Candlelight”  B6.Tangerine Dream “You’ll Never Believe It”  B7.Tangerine Dream  “Starting The Day Off Right”  B8. Tangerine Dream  “Weak At The Knees”  B9. Tangerine Dream  “Kill Him (The Football Dummy)”  B10. Tangerine Dream  “Not So Quiet In The Library / Get Lost In A Crowd”  B11. Jim Walker “Something To Remember Me By”

Varese Sarabande 2023