Raymond Scott “Powerhouse” (heavyweight vinyl LP)



Powerhouse (2:55)
The Toy Trumpet (2:59)
Twilight In Turkey (2:44)
Minuet In Jazz (2:50)
Reckless Night On Board An Ocean Liner (3:04)
Dinner Music For A Pack Of Hungry Cannibals (2:54)
War Dance For Wooden Indians (2:32)
The Penguin (2:38)
Bumpy Weather Over Newark (2:55)
Peter Tambourine (2:53)
In An Eighteenth Century Drawing Room (2:38)
Siberian Sleighride (2:53)
Boy Scout In Switzerland (2:51)
The Tobacco Auctioneer (2:36)
New Year’s Eve In A Haunted House (2:23)
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